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This game was made by Trimurdev aka GameDevelopment studios. 
Game isn't that good because i'm a beginner but I need to release something to get more practise.
I hope you enjoi - please read the rest of the "Description" trough

How to play?

WASD - Move.

Left mouse - Shoot.

You can upgrade your stats to survive longer.

The to open the shop press the *+* button in the top left corner(in game).

You can open the guns shop in the upgrades shop.

Settings can be opened by pressing the settings button.

The minimap is to spot more enemies usually in bigger areas.

Used Assets

  • Brackeys 2d mega pack

Download instructions

  1. Download the zip.
  2. Extract the zip.
  3. Select the file with the games name on it(usually in the middle)
  4. Play! 


Shooter.zip 23 MB

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